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Year 6

Other Subjects

Languages (French)

  • Les vetements

Topic (Geography and History)

  • Victorians

Explore the emergence of modern British liberty (ie: rights for children in mines/ school hours etc)

  • World War Two

Explore the democracy of major belligerents

Explore the need for mutual respect of different faiths (Read: Boy In The Stripped Pyjamas)

•Mountains and Rivers

Look at regions of the world

where there are others

with different beliefs  

Physical Education

  • Tennis

  • Dance

  • Hockey

  • Gymnastics

  • Athletics

  • Rounders




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Religious Education

Mutual respect of faith or those without faith

  • What does it mean to be a

      Muslim in the UK today?

What matters most to Christians and Humanists?

Believing in Ahmisa Grace


  • Protective Behaviours

  • All About me

Individual liberty

  • Transition to Year 7


  • Kodu
  • Networks
  • Lego WeDo
  • Scratch & Lego WeDo Combined
  • Creating Through Multimedia
  • Spreadsheets

Art & Design

  • Using watercolours, pastels, pencils, artistic pens, chalk, charcoal

  • Works of William Morris

  • WW2 Propaganda Posters

Value of democracy

Design and Technology

  • Christmas Lights

  • Pizza creation


  • Young Voices
  • A New Year Carol - Benjamin Britten - Charanga
  • Classroom Jazz
  • You've Got A Friend - Charanga
  • Pop/Motown



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***Please see the British Values we cover in each area of the Curriculum!