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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support

Latest Advice from Warwickshire LA / Public Health England 10-11-2020


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support

Hand washing: how to wash your hands properly

Protect yourself and others from coronavirus: ▶️ Wash your hands more often ▶️ Use soap and water for 20 seconds ▶️ Or use hand sanitiser

Schools need to ensure all contact lists for children and staff are up to date so that all children and staff can be traced if a COVID case is reported.  All children and staff who have been a close contact need to be informed of their requirement to isolate.  A close contact typically means being within 2 metres for 15 minutes, but also includes face to face contact and some contact at less than 1 metre.

Siblings: If a child has tested positive, please ask about siblings in other classes so that we can watch this class for future symptoms.


If there are 2 people with symptoms or 2 confirmed cases in the school (e.g. two children or one child and one teacher, or two teachers etc.), whether they are from the same bubble or separate bubbles - that is by definition an outbreak. The outbreak needs to be notified at the point the individuals become unwell – you should not wait for test results.

Please report outbreaks  as soon as possible to the Health Protection Team in Public Health England using the online reporting system available here: or by telephone to 0344 225 3560 (opt 0 opt 2)

Please also email