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Year 6



We have had a tricky few weeks in Year 6, we have completed SATs, after lots of weeks revising and practicing. We have also had Writing Moderation, where people from outside of Middlemarch school check our English books, meaning we have had to focus a lot on writing and editing. 


Now, however, we are focusing on our end of year production, team sports, ready for sports day and transition activities. We have especially enjoyed learning Spanish, Italian and German ready for secondary school! 

Year 6 - 2023


Here are some more of our amazing WWII projects:





After setting a WWII homework project to complete during the Spring term, many children have created excellent projects, including a miniature Anderson shelter, some WWII art on canvases, a non-chronological report, a WWII poem, an origami tank and even some WWII cookies using rationed ingredients, that we all got to try!




After an excellent first two weeks with our Whole School text, 'Journey' by Aaron Becker, which is a beautifully illustrated wordless picture book about a girl who goes on a journey with a magical crayon, Year 6 created their own prequel about how the crayons came into existence. These prequels included a friendly, immortal magician who wanted to share adventures with others; an army during World War II who created the crayons to win the war and a meteor that crashed into Earth and scattered the crayons across the world. We then weaved this opening prequel into the story of Journey, ensuring we included figurative language; dialogue to move the action on and a range of punctuation. 


After looking at two artists, Santhana Krishnan and Viktoria Kravchenko, who both focus on doors, we designed two doors in each of the artists' styles, as the first magical creation in 'Journey' was a door leading to a mystical forest. Santhana uses bold colours and gives a sneak peak behind the doors of India, however, Viktoria uses intricate details and watercolour to portray doors around Europe. 


We have really enjoyed studying 'Journey' and delving deeper into fantasy stories. 


Moving on to our topic this term, World War II, we are looking forward to some historical fiction, especially 'Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' by John Boyne and 'Once' by Morris Gleitzman. 


So far, we have explored where World War II fits into our timeline, from BC - Modern day, the reasons WWII began, the countries involved and whether they were allies, axis, axis-controlled or neutral. Next, we will be looking at The Blitz, and in particular, how it affected our local area!