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Year 6 2019-2020


This term, Year 6 have been learning all about World War 2. We are basing our literacy around 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'. This has inspired us to write an information text about how the war began, a letter home and a story based around Shmuel's life before Auschwitz.


In our history lessons, we have been learning all about the blitz and the affect it had on so many lives. We even made our own Anderson shelters, which looked amazing!


In science, we have been learning about how light travels and how we see. We linked this to out topic work by investigating which materials would be the most effective to use in a blackout.


After half term, we will be learning about evacuation and we will be having an 'evacuation night' at school! 

Have You Filled A Bucket Today?

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Grandpa - Just for Year 6

Dr Dolittle

Alice in Wonderland

Wonder Wizard of Oz

6W War Poetry


Dulce et Decorum Est


Shadows of the enemy approach,

Bullets shattering, dust flying,

Every tear is a drop of respect.

Sirens screaming, bombs released,

Soldiers helkping other men... before their death.

Hearts tearing in two.


Trepidation has been triggered,

As planes release death from the skies,

Running for your life as the smoke chases you,

Gasping for your last breath.

Whirling wind blowing gas on his face,

Knife-like bullets shooting into soldier's bodies...

Death echoes through the battlefield.

Death. Murder. Awaits us all.

Every bomb is a human - gone. 


Lest we forget.


Christmas Production Blog

On the 18th and 19th December 2018, Year 6 performed a Christmas Production called: A Christmas Carol. It was a tiring week, but we had an amazing show.

The production showed Scrooge come to terms with his past, present and future and the whole (yes, whole!) of Year 6 participated to make this come to life.

The first night, we arrived at school and got changed into our costumes. After we got changed we sat down and watched a film, as we waited for people to call us on to stage. When the people from Scene 1 got back, they were talking about how nervous they were and how many parents were there. At the end of Scene 7, one of the chairs nearly got knocked off stage, but one of the characters caught it.

At the end, Mrs Mawdsley said it couldn’t get better, but the next night it was even better. We really enjoyed this Christmas Production, and we were sad it was our last one.


Year 6 is ready to study World War Two


After Christmas, Year 6 will be studying World War Two. 


We already have our display up and we have explored the coins used then. 


We even opened shops and paid using pence, shillings and pounds!


Did you know that there were 240 pennies in a pound?



The experience of a Victorian life at Black Country Living Museum!


A couple of days’ ago-14th November-Year 6 (6Y and 6W) travelled back in time to the 1800s! There was an incredible array of Victorian houses that-amazingly-have been counted brick by brick and placed on the very land of the Black Country Living Museum (BCLM). Exploring an extraordinary museum (which was remarkable to see) was simply life-changing! I dont know how I’m going to fit all of it in, but I will try to fit in the most memorable moments...

Placing ourselves on the coach was hard; people were crowded but eventually we got there. To pass time, we drew stick figures and asked Mr Young if he liked them. Of course, he said they were beautiful!

Strangely, when we appeared at the BCLM, a train (which looked like Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine) was sitting by the entry. As we approached a man-called Nigel- he explained what we were going to be exploring! Nigel was wearing a Victorian bowler hat and a long cloak. What brought up our excitement was that they were filming ‘Peaky Blinders’ right below our feet!

As we wandered around the town, we saw outstanding shops that used to be ubiquitous. Our absolute favourite was definitely the Hardware Store! The man (who was named Roger) made some funny jokes and was very verbose. Nowadays we have toilets, but we learned that they used a gazunder. What is a gazunder? A gazunder is a bowl that goes under your bed and you use it when you need the toilet!

Finally, the moment we had been waiting for... THE MINES!!! It was a tremendous time, although the statues were eerie. It was very dreary and sulphurous down there... Unfortunately, it finished.

We went to the sweet shop next. Disgustingly, we learned how they used to colour sweets: green was poison, blue was mercury, red was beetles-blood and black was coal dust! Gross right? They didn’t have food colouring like we do now. Poor people were actually lucky; they didn’t have any money to buy sweets-which means they didn’t have a risk of dying.

Overall, it was amazing since we got to do everything we wanted to. It was an incredible experience!        






6Y Blog




This year has already had a fantastic start in 6Y! We are almost at the end of our first book: Street Child. This book has taught us much about the strife and dangers facing a young poor born into poor circumstances in Victorian Britain. It has enabled us to create newspapers, letters and diary entries which appeal to emotions. Only forty more pages to go!


In Maths, we have explored place value and focused on different approaches to each questions. Instead of just finding what 3,450 is to the nearest hundred, we have been working out which numbers would round to 3,500. This is much more enjoyable!


In our afternoons, we have been exploring how fossils are made, understanding the timeline of the Victorians, programming on Kodu and much more. 


Speak to you soon!




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Welcome to Year 6!


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