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We know that learning takes place outside of the classroom and there is an expectation that all Middlemarch pupils access Times Tables RockStars, three times a week. Learn their weekly spellings and read to an adult three times a week as part of their homework.
In addition to further support, the following resources and learning can be accessed on any device.  

Times Tables Rock Stars


Let’s get Middlemarch to the top of the league and have fun learning at the same time! 


Thank you to everyone who is currently playing - we’re currently number nine in the UK. With a few more players we could get into the top three! What are you waiting for? 


Use your username and password and get playing today! 



Play Times Tables Rock Stars Today


If you have lost your username and password or simply haven’t got one, please get in contact with your teacher via Class Dojo.


If you have mastered your times tables why not settle down and have some fun with some quizzes about the books you are reading at home?


Visit Renaissance and Have Fun Doing Some Quizzes


Use the username and password that school has given you. 

So, you’ve learnt times tables and done a quiz about a book, maybe you want to sit and learn something else that you found interesting at school. With Oak National Academy you can do just that!


Click on the link or the image and find a subject that you’ve been learning at school today and watch a video about it:

Oak National Acedemy Link

If you have any free time left, why don’t you sit down with someone at home and challenge them to some games on BBC Bitesize!


The teachers at Middlemarch love a game of Guardians : Defenders of Mathametica during their breaks.

Why don’t you see if you can get a character that has over 1000 XP and tell your teacher about it the next day!