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Take One Book

To engage the whole school in a shared enjoyment of a text, the first two weeks of each term are dedicated to exploring one picture book and producing artwork and writing surrounding the text. This is displayed throughout the school to give children a sense of shared achievement.  

Take One Book Summer 2022

     Leon and the Place Between 

by Angela McAllister 

Pupils throughout Middlemarch School thoroughly enjoyed this term’s Take One Book.


Our Take One Book for the summer term was called ‘Leon and the Place Between’, which is set at a circus. To immerse ourselves into a circus atmosphere to completely understand Leon's feelings, we had a Circus Skills workshop with a magician, who showed us many magic tricks, including mixing two pots of coloured beads and then separating them in a split second! There were also opportunities to try lots of circus equipment for ourselves, including stilts; juggling balls; diablos; flower sticks and spinning plates. It was an excellent and exciting experience that everyone was involved with.


In class, we wrote in response to the text. Year 3 created a narrative story with a magical twist; Year 4 produced poetry imagining their experiences at a circus; Year 5 took on the role of Leon to write a diary entry of his experiences, while Year 6 wrote a setting description based on the beautifully drawn images and a character description. 

Cinnamon by Neil Gaiman Take One Book Spring 2022

Cinnamon by Neil Gaiman


Pupils throughout Middlemarch School thoroughly enjoyed this term’s Take One Book: Cinnamon by Neil Gaiman. 


In class, we wrote in response to the text.  Year 3 created poetry based on the highly detailed images and vocabulary in the text, Year 4 imagined what it would be like to stand in the rainforest and described their imagined experiences, Year 5 researched Bengal tigers and wrote their own non-chronological reports while Year 6 reimagined the story and developed their own stories set in another culture having researched their own choice of country. 


To immerse ourselves further in the text, we were visited by dancer Sohan Kailey who led Indian dance workshops for each class.  We worked our socks off!  Each workshop session began by exploring India before we launched into a high-energy workout.  Each pupil was supported in learning a selection of Indian dance moves which were then pieced together to form a whole class performance.  


Children told us that the Indian dance workshop was “amazing” and “like nothing they had ever done before’.  It was fantastic to see so many of our pupils engaging with new experiences and activities.


Below: We are proud of our work!