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Cars and Kids Don’t Mix


The Road Safety Education Team along with partners from the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership are working together with Middlemarch School to ensure that the journey to school is as safe as possible for all children across the county.


Children want to become more independent and embrace active travel on their journey to school whether that is by walking, cycling, or scooting but are often faced with obstacles from cars which are parked blocking pavements and driveways, on yellow zig zags, over or near junctions, or School Crossing Patrol sites.


We would like you to join and work with us in spreading the ‘Cars and Kids Don’t Mix’ message which encourages everybody to work together by parking safely and considerately for children and local residents near schools.


Why not try Park and Stride – parking no more than a ten-minute walk from the school gate and walking the last portion of the journey? You would be helping to improve the environment around school by reducing congestion, pollution and noise, and teaching children essential pedestrian skills and encouraging exercise by active travel.


The Road Safety Education team will be supporting Middlemarch School with a ‘Cars and Kids Don’t Mix’ banner to serve as a visual reminder to always park considerately, as well as digital resources to be used online and in class.


For more information about the ‘Cars and Kids Don’t Mix’ campaign or travelling actively, contact the Road Safety Education Team at or follow us on Twitter @WCCSafe_Active or Facebook @WCCSafeActiveTravel.


be safe when parking outside Midllemarch school. Lets get to our casses safely.