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Dear Middlemarch Pupils


Firstly, we want to let you know how proud we are of you all. This has been a strange time for all of us but the staff at Middlemarch are super pleased at the way you have taken responsibility for your behaviour and learning and have stayed in touch with your teacher through class do-jo and Purple Mash.


You may feel very unsettled by the change of routine and lack of social contact, or you may be enjoying the peace and quiet! However you are feeling right now it is important that you still remember what you have learnt in your PSHE lessons about staying safe, healthy and knowing who is there for you in your personal network -  remember drawing your hand and adding the 5 trusted adults?


While you are not at school that personal network may have changed for you. We think that it is important to take some time and reconsider who your trusted adults would now be if you felt worried or unsafe; Of course, those adults are also there for you to share your good news with too!


Have a go at redesigning your Protective Behaviours hand. We have created a new email address for you to keep in contact with a small number of Middlemarch adults – you can add this email to your hand and get in touch with us to chat about and share absolutely anything that is on your mind, however small you may think it is.


Who will answer my email?

Mrs Mawdsley, Mrs Bowley, Mrs Faulkner and Mrs Diver will be responding to these emails on a daily basis, Monday to Friday.

What email address do I use?

The email address is:


Keep smiling, stay safe


Mrs Mawdsley