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PE - What Our Pupils Say

"We are learning to play basketball. We were trying to throw it up and catch it and we did chest passes." - Year 3 Girl.


"I really like PE because I like running. We are doing basketball and gymnastics." - Year 3 Boy.


"We are learning how to move side to side in tennis ready for when we play a game." - Year 4 Girl.


"We go to swimming on a Monday. We are doing front crawl and backstroke. It’s really fun learning to swim." - Year 4 Boy.


"In hockey, we learned how to hold the stick properly and how to stop the ball. It’s good to get your body active and exercise." - Year 5 Girl.


"For indoor PE, we are doing dance. We’ve learned steps and we’ve been copying moves from a video. It makes me happy." - Year 5 Boy.


"I like PE because we get to talk to our friends and have fun." - Year 6 Girl.


"In gymnastics, we’ve learned how to do handstands, cartwheels and rolls. It’s really fun." - Year 6 Boy.



Daily mile - what our pupils say


"I like to be running outdoors with friends."  - Year 6 Boy.


"It's good to keep fit and healthy." - Year 6 Girl.


"I like to race my fiends." - Year 5 Boy.


"A break from lessons to chat with all members of my class." - Year 5 Girl.


"It's a bit tiring but in a good way!" - Year 4 Girl.


"I look forward to running everyday - it makes me feel good." - Year 5 Boy.