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English - Supporting The Learning of English at Middlemarch School

When children first start with us in Year 3, we conduct a Phonics Screening Check as a baseline, so we can use targeted interventions by experienced staff to help children learn to read fluently and comprehend successfully. 


At our diverse and inclusive school, we have many children whose first language is not English, so we aim to ensure all children can speak English by the time they leave us, whilst also embracing and sharing the variety of languages that are spoken. If children start our school with English as an additional language, we conduct a baseline to analyse their language skills, then hold extra English as an additional language classes in the afternoon, so not only are they being immersed in everyday language, but also receive targeted practise.


If children need extra support in English lessons, we ensure there are resources accessible for them to use, for example: word mats; statutory spelling lists; scaffolds and models of what is expected for the lesson, but also of the extended write.


Targeted interventions are arranged after analysis of assessments, to ensure all children are receiving the help they need to progress. This may include preteaching prior to a lesson, for example reading a text before studying it in class, or revisiting something they haven't quite grasped in class, for example using inverted commas in their writing.