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Year 4

2022 - 2023


Lots of our news is shared through Class-Dojo and we encourage children to share their work and news on their own Dojo portfolio (not class-story).

Year 4 2023 Spring


In the first two weeks we worked on our Whole School text, 'Journey' by Aaron Becker, which is a beautifully illustrated wordless picture book about a girl who goes on a journey with a magical crayon. Year 4 dived into the book and became the main character. We spoke about how we would feel at different points in the book. In art, we created our own magical door and drew pictures of what we would love to see on the other side of it. Year 4 also created magical lanterns.


This term, our topic is the Tudors. Year 4 have been stunned at how terrible they were! We have tailored our batik art project to incorporate out topic. The children have been very safe and responsible when using the hot wax to create their design. We look forward to our Tudor Day later in the term.


In music, the class have been learning to play the recorders. They have worked fabulously as a team. The class split into smaller groups and work together to play a song. It has been lovely to see them working kindly and respectfully.

Year 4 2021-2022

4V have been a delight to teach. They have been engrossed with the rainforest topic. We have been reading a variety of books and texts in English to incorporate this theme. 4V adopted an orangutan and Amur Leopard form the WWF to help fight against deforestation and protect the animals. 4V have been so passionate about saving the rainforests that they have written letters on behalf of the orangutans to the world. Twycross Zoo will be showcasing these letters on Orangutan Day (19th August) around the zoo to help 4V fight for change! As a result of their amazing hard work and dedication, the zoo offered every child in the class a free ticket to the zoo on that day. I am so proud that their passion for change is being heard outside of Middlemarch.


In Science, they have been learning all about electricity. 4V worked in groups and pairs to investigate and create a range of circuits. Their faces lit up when they had a eureka moment! They have also been learning about the digestive system. We made a class food web to demonstrate how intricate the world of animals and food is.

In Music, we have played the recorders and the glockenspiels. At times it got very noisy! However, through practice and determination we managed to play a few tuneful songs as a class. They were very respectful when handling the instruments which was lovely to see.

To take advantage of the lovely weather we have taken a few lessons outside this year. We took our clipboards and planned our writing on the field. It was lovely to see how engaged and focused the class were in the outdoors. We also had a go at creating outdoor art in the footsteps of Andy Goldsworthy. Children chose to work alone or in groups, every design was unique and some even had a story behind them!


4V have been very creative this year and have managed to show how resilient they can be. During take one book week, they created origami stars which was hard work! We followed the instructions as a class and helped each other when we could see a peer who needed some assistance. The last step of the stars was the hardest but we persevered and completed the task. In D & T, we have been practicing creating different designs using leavers and linkages. 4V created snapping crocodiles and waving hands. Soon we will been using what we have learned in our very own storybook!