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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


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2020 - 2021



Both 4B & 4G have made an excellent start to the school year, we have enjoyed making new friends. 3 of our class members are new to the school, they may have felt nervous and excited at the same time but we soon took away their worries and made them feel welcome!


Our learning has focused on three different books – The Matchbox Diary, Flotsam, and The Day the crayons quit. Our class favourite was The Day the crayons quit!


We are looking forward to finding out about the Tudors. We will be investigating important people, foods and special historical sites.


Lots of our news is shared through Class-Dojo and we encourage children to share their work and news too on their own Dojo portfolio (not class-story).


Gerald Durrell

Year 4



Year 4 have enjoyed a busy start to the term. In the first 2 weeks we linked literacy and art work to the book ‘Tuesday’ and we are now immersed in the imaginary world of ‘The Indian in the cupboard’. This will link to our topic work this term, ‘Road Trip USA’ particularly after half-term when we will be studying the Native Americans. Look out for topic homework tasks which will be coming your way soon!

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