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PE - Intent, Implementation And Impact


Our PE curriculum aims to develop creativity, engage and inspire all children across KS2. It allows children of all abilities to experience a variety of different sports, games, dance, gymnastics, swimming, orienteering and fitness activities. 

We want our pupils to understand the importance of health and fitness as a fundamental life skill and to experience the benefits of social interaction, teamwork and cooperation. 

We aim to encourage and support our children whilst they enjoy improving and developing their physical skills and stamina. As they progress, they should further build upon resilience and determination which will help them succeed and to be the best they can be.  

Outdoor education residential trips are offered to children in Years 4 and 6. Year 4 have the opportunity to spend 2 nights in Lincolnshire at Caythorpe Court PGL . Year 6 venture further afield and have the chance to meet Osmington Bay in Dorset, a 4 day, 3 night visit with some increasingly challenging activities. 

Those children who do not take part in these residential trips are offered an opportunity to camp overnight at Middlemarch school or an alternative OAA as an alternative. 



How PE is taught at Middlemarch: 

We use Get Set 4 PE, a clear and comprehensive scheme of work, to plan and deliver lessons which show progression of skills across KS2 within the different strands of PE. Pupils are provided with opportunities to develop and build upon skills which will engage and inspire them, whilst building confidence. They are encouraged to try new techniques and become confident and competent in the use of specific equipment for a wide variety of games and activities. Teachers with appropriate subject knowledge will model and inspire pupils to use a range of skills which they can practise and improve lesson by lesson. We welcome a dance teacher to the school in the Autumn and Spring term to provide specialist dance lessons to all year groups. Year 4 will be having weekly swimming lessons for the whole academic year, which will allow pupils to meet the curriculum requirements for Swimming in Key Stage 2. Top-up swimming lessons will also be offered to children in Year 6 who didn’t meet the National Curriculum requirements in Year 4. Children have a minimum of 2 PE lessons per week, 1 indoor and 1 outdoor as well as completing the Daily Mile on a regular daily basis. For children in upper school, there are opportunities throughout the year to represent the school in competitions, which allows them to practise and develop their skills whilst learning about the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork. There are also opportunities throughout the year for SEN children to attend additional sporting events.  Healthy Eating is covered within PHSE lessons and Year 3 and Year 4 also receive Change 4 Life sessions in the Spring term. PE is also intertwined across the curriculum through the use of our orienteering course.  



PE at Middlemarch is a vital part of the curriculum not only through PE lessons but through cross curricular links too. We know that good mental health is integral to pupils’ development and for their progression throughout school in general. We want children to experience the benefits of exercise and to understand how regular exercise can lead to healthier and happier futures for all.  We want them to gain enjoyment, fulfilment and success from PE lessons, leading them to feel inspired and enthusiastic to participate in physical activities in wider society. 

We have a fantastic outdoor space and want to encourage children to make connections with the outdoors and what it offers. A difficult task indeed with technological innovations and the impact of mobile phones, internet, wi-fi and gaming!  

We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:  
Asking the pupils about their learning (pupil voice). 
Termly Lesson observations where there is the opportunity for a dialogue between teachers. 
Verbal feedback of work during lessons.