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Lunch Menus

At Middlemarch School, we have a superb dinner menu.
The meals are cooked on site by Educaterers Ltd.

Below are just some of the healthy practises that we have adopted.


Lower In Fat

We use polyunsaturated pure vegetable oil for cooking, and oven back foods in preference to frying.

Less Sugar

We have reduced the sugar content in our recipes and use alternative sweeteners where appropriate.

Less Salt

We use the minimum amount of salt in our recipes and do not place salt on the dining tables.

More Fibre

We have increased the fibre in our menus through the use of wholemeal bread and flour, pasta, fresh fruit and vegetable crudites and other other items enriched in fibre.

The menu runs on a three week cycle, hence a varied, exciting and tasty meal for your child as well as being healthy.

The choices for each day are shown below.

How much does it cost for a school meal?

The cost per day is currently £2.25.

We use an online payment system for school meals called: